Advertising in the Haitian Community is a profitable initiative since Haitians are the second largest ethnicity group of South Florida. There are also large Haitian communities in New York, Boston, and Montreal.

All our marketing plans are customized based on the clients and their needs.

Imaginart also works with other marketing agencies who want to reach the Haitian and Caribbean markets.

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Some of our marketing services:

Media Placement / Advertising

We place your add in any media in the United States, Montreal and/or the Caribbean Islands. We work with all media and we have gathered enough data throughout the years to be able to, with confidence, propose the best media for your business goals. Radio, TV, Print, Web-- you name it!


Your company can only be successful if it discovers its true brand essence – that one thing that differentiates you from your competitors and speaks directly to the needs of your target audience. Our strategy experts will take you through our proprietary process to uncover what your customers and prospects really want from you.

Digital Marketing

This is a critical component of everything we do for our clients. Our digital marketing services include:
Email marketing
Newsletter campaigns
Display advertising
Banners, ads on websites
Social media marketing
Social media strategies
Content creation
Fan Building

Strategic Planning

Our goal is to gather valuable data, insight and perspective in key areas so that we can develop the perfect message and overall advertising strategy. Our process includes unconventional questioning strategies that are designed to uncover insightful data that allows us to eliminate guessing and discover the real truth about: target audience wants and needs, market position and competitive environment.

Marketing Consulting

Full-service marketing agency that offers coaching and consulting to help our clients improve their marketing and maximize their potential.
Whether you looking to improve your email marketing, website conversions, marketing communications, branding, advertising, promotions or any aspect of your marketing, CMS can help you develop an integrated strategic marketing plan designed to meet your goals.

Production Services

Marketing Materials (pens, calendars, shirts and more...)
Creative Services
Graphic Design
Motion graphics
Video Production
Audio Production